Seerah books/lectures /movies LINKS


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PBS Movies
Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet
Islam: Empire of Faith. Part 1: Prophet Muhammad and rise of Islam (full; PBS Documentary)
English Seerah books

Urdu Seerah books
Hadiths books in Urdu
Web sites /Blogs
Seerah Lectures
Understanding Seerah Lecture Series
The Life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – Characteristics of the Prophet (s) – Sh. Yasir Qadhi
Life of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) : Anwar Al-Awlaki(Ra)
Rasool inqilaab ka tareeqa Inqilab-Dr Israr Ahmad
The Life Of The Prophet Muhammad  РHamza Yusuf Hanson
Seerah: The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – By Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman
Seerah Tour: Imam Suhaib Webb

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